Tattoo studio Wild Bee

We opened a tattoo studio in Lviv in order to bring more creativity into our life. We seriously treat tattooing, because it is not as easy to replace as, for example, a telephone or a car. Instead of typical sketches from the Internet, we will help you develop an individual sketch that will complement your personality.

Our services

In order to get a unique tattoo, only desire is enough. We will create a custom sketch based on your preference and will make it on your body in a qualitative way. All masters are artists who will advise location, size, and style of a tattoo.

Instead of the long and painful process of tattoo removal, you can cover it with a new one. Each case is unique and by visiting the free consultation, a master will offer possible options.

We care about safety

We do our best to make the procedure as safe as possible. We use disposable needles and gloves, and cover all surfaces with plastic sheeting. We sterilize machine grips in an ultrasound bath prior each procedure. We always dispose any unused ink after the session.

Our masters

Max Kostiuk

Max Freeman

Tattoo artist
Extraordinary skill of execution, clarity, and realism. Max works in biomechanics, Black & Gray, Chicano, realism, cover-up (overlays of old tattoos). Specially for you, he will make an individual sketch from your words or suggest his own.

Olesia Kukunina

Tattoo artist
Olesia is a talented artist. She does painting and graphic art. Each of her artwork is filled with unusual details, fabulous motifs, a combination of plant and animal worlds. If you want a tattoo in a unique style, then you definitely need to speak with Olesia.
Sandra Sukhetska


Tattoo artist
Alexandra is a professional artist with a rich imagination. Create and implement a sketch that works best for you. Graphics, watercolors, paintings, as well as mixed techniques will make your tattoo unique. If you are free from prejudice and ready to experiment — you're up to Sandra!

Lychakivska 15, Lviv

(entrance from Smol's'koho street)

Mon-Fri: 12.00-18.00

Sat-Sun: negotiable

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